From a very early age, I was always tapping on the table or a chair, creating my own rhythms. The first time I sat on a drum kit i could play a beat without any tuition. Since then I have never looked back. I found through drumming, a way to express myself and make sense of the world, and the things inside me. I found a way to listen and respond within a group, to tap into my creative side and a way to connect to others without words.


In 1989 I joined the band Atom Seed who got signed to London Records. At the height of our success we supported Red Hot Chilli Peppers on their UK tour.





In 1992 I joined Emperors New Clothes with an album on Acid Jazz label called Nature Never Repeats Itself.



In 1994 I joined Back to the Planet who were signed to London Records.




chillies tour

From 1993 I studied with UK drum guru Bob Armstrong for 5 years and I learned everything from sticking techniques to chart interpretation.


From 2012 until recently I played at OneSpirit gatherings in Brixton.


Currently I play for XRAYsYARD



These days, I also play out at regular events, festivals and bands, mainly in London, but also throughout the UK.
I felt drawn to share my passion with others and started to teach drumming to others in 2012

As well as music, I am a qualified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, holding regular classes in SE London.

I am also very interested in health and nutrition and make raw cakes and chocolates.